Cardinals Fans Get a Lump of Coal

The St Louis Cardinals tried this offseason. They went after two of the top free agents, but lost out on both. Has baseball heaven turned into its opposite? No one wants to play here if they can avoid it?

So now Cardinal Nation must listen to the same old song and dance. We like the team we have. The offense will improve because Matt Holliday and Matt Adams will be back and better than ever. Brandon Moss will fully recover his form after the hip issue he struggled with.

The pitching rotation will be fine! Never mind that Adam Wainwright is another year older. Michael Wacha has yet to pitch a full season, and his strange mechanics make some wonder if he ever will. A parade of pitchers will probably have to cover the innings Lance Lynn would have provided.

Yadier Molina had to have another surgery on his thumb. Randal Grichuk had sports hernia surgery. Makes those trades of Tony Cruz and Jon Jay look a little premature. Grichuk already had problems with his elbow, and issues caused by his weight lifting. He’s going to be the starting center fielder all year?

Then comes the news that Holliday is working out at first base down in Florida. Is this the Cardinals’ idea or his own? He is average at best in the outfield. Can anyone really picture him picking throws out of the dirt on a regular basis?

So Cardinals fans are supposed to believe that their team will be competitive next season, even though they lost two of their best players and haven’t really added anyone to make up for that. Oh wait, they just signed Mike Leake. He will pitch a lot of innings, and he can bat! He can’t wait to take on the Chicago Cubs!

Stay positive, Cards fans! This lump of coal offseason could turn into a gem. Youneverknow.



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